Hey! My name is Stephen Hebert; I'm a photographer and I directed thePROJECT. thePROJECT is a set of videos created for the Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston as the leadership service project for my Eagle Scout rank. In January of 2010 I was riding home from Chick-Fil-A and decided to stop at the Center and see if they could use a project. While talking to the Executive Director I was asked what I liked to do for fun, to which I proudly responded "Photography". Little did I know what was in store. I was then promptly told that what the Center needed most was a new DVD to give to clients, individuals, and organizations needing information on the Center's mission, ministry and goals. We filmed interviews with volunteers and clients which were edited into the following video segments and have been put into a DVD format for the Center to distribute. There have been so many amazing things that have happened in conjunction with thePROJECT, such as having the privilege of recording one of the Houston Symphony cellists, that I cannot list them all. I have attempted to encapsulate a few of them in the Behind the Scenes video following.

A very special thanks to:

Debbie Stoddard ~ without your vision and trust I would have done shelving. Having only the criteria that my little film be "God Honoring" has provided me the freedom to run with any idea that came into my head and watch as God produced thePROJECT out of $1000 and no video experience.......

Rob Oakley ~ you are the most beast editor EVER! I cannot even recall the number of nights we stayed up past 2 and 3 editing. Without you, well, this would not have ended up with my calling the Center back and telling them "I'm very sorry but a video is simply out of the question. I don't have any idea where to start". You have challenged me to always strive higher and push myself to the extreme.

My family and especially my mother. Without the support, encouragement, and taxi service this crazy little adventure of mine would have been hopelessly unachievable.


Intro Video to thePROJECT

A BTS look at thePROJECT